[Last updated: 2020-04-13]
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

? Doing

  • Looking for a new full-time job or interesting projects
  • Updating (this site)
  • Working on a new web project with my girlfriend
  • Going back to school for a degree in human-computer interaction design

? Reading

  • The Art of Statistics, David Spiegelhalter
  • Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop, Lee Drutman

?‍♀️ Want to do

  • Refresh my statistical programming skills
  • Improve my data engineering know-how (cloud)
  • Move to the Nordics

?‍♀️ Not Doing / Not focusing on

  • I don’t have a podcast. Maybe I should? It’s so hip. /s
  • I am not in the crypto cult. I still believe in old-fashioned multi-level marketing (pyramid scheme) like selling Avon. /s
  • I am not calling myself a Data Scientist

Sometimes, I also write a newsletter.

(Inspired by Derek Sivers and others that started a now page. Ya know, kind of like MySpace in the day. Full Circle? Maybe.)